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Real Name:
Zbych Krzysztof Trofimiuk
April 7th, 1979
Birth Place:
Warsaw, Poland He now resides in Australia, though.

  • He's 1.74 m tall
  • He's got greyish green eyes.
  • He's got darkblond hair.
  • Weight: 138 pounds.
  • He loves horseback riding.
  • He has a brown belt in karate.
  • And last, but not least, he loves skiing...
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  • stars A few facts on this gorgeous guy:
    This wonderful Australian/Polish celebrity is really a fantastic actor. He has got a face that leaves you speechless, a voice like angels and the ability to act any situation.He's mostly known for his outstanding performance as Paul Reynolds in Spellbinder, the Australian/Polish television series from 1995.

    His projects so far:
  • Sky Trackers" (1994) (Australian TV series) Mike Masters
  • Spellbinder (1995 - ) (TV series) Paul Reynolds
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    And, my celebrity is so great! Polish-born Australian Zbych currently stars in The Disney Channel's "Spellbinder". In addition to watching Zbych, the show is pretty fun to watch. Zbych is great, of course. He won the 1994 Australian Film Institute Young Actors Award for the lead role in "Skytrackers". We're glad we get a chance to watch this cutie in action! More Zbych, more! He does have a calendar out this year, which is available on CoolNet He's also aquired a nasty habit lately, namely smoking, but we, the fans are able to live with this knowledge seeing as he is such a great actor.

    stars STATS: stars

    Spellbinder is an action/adventure series designed for children and
    youths. It was made as a collaboration by the Polish television
    company and an Australian film company. It almost only stars Polish
    actors, or at least actors of Polish descend.

    In short the storyline is like this:

    Paul, a young boy is away on camp when all of a sudden he's
    "struck" by lightening and gets catapulted into another world.

    This other world is known as the Spellbinder Land, hence the
    name of the series.

    This is a land in which the regents are the only ones intitled to
    knowledge, is ruled by spellbinders. Spellbinders are like magicians,
    they are capable of channelling electricity through a so-called
    Power Suit that they wear. This world is a very simple and poorly
    civilized one because of the laws against learning and schools,
    people are kept in the dark by the regents and the spellbinders.

    Paul stumbles upon a village called Clayhill where the beautiful
    Riana lives, Paul and Riana become friends and she helps him
    survive the troubles of her world. Paul is a clever boy who is
    good at doing stuff with computers, but as it turns out he's not
    very good when it comes to the basic things in life, such as
    survival in the wild. Riana helps him and they get to be excellent
    friends. But before Paul is in trouble when the summoners son,
    Gryvon who is very interested in Riana, begins chasing him because
    at first he thinks that Paul is Riana's boyfriend and he's jealous,
    but then he realizes that he is in fact from
    another world.

    Then Gryvon becomes an aprentice of Ashka's, a powerful spellbinder
    who is interested in overthrowing the regents and getting the power
    herself. Gryvon and her are both the types who want to be powerful
    and they will stop at nothing to get the
    knowledge that Paul possesses. Ashka is especially interested in how
    to make gunpowder, because this will make the task of getting the
    power much easier.

    The reason knowledge is forbitten is the fact that
    once the world was almost destroyed by a nuclear war, and the regents
    (the ones who took over ruling the world afterwards hoped it would
    keep it from happening again).
    Now people in this world live like peaceful farmers, and all is
    well except for the fact that Ashka wants to destroy everything.
    Paul tries to stop her, and he's almost succesful from the beginning,
    but then he's captured and taken to the palace where Ashka hopes to
    break his will and get him to speak of his technology. All he
    thinks about is getting home and then he befriends Correon, who is
    also a spellbinder, but he is a good one.

    He decides to help Paul get home, but he's stopped by Ashka who
    challenges him to a duel, and he loses. After this duel he's banished
    to the wastelands, a place so desertlike that nothing can survive
    there, the water is poisonous and it's nothing but rocks and mountains
    But Correon is lucky, he's saved by some Maroders, people who were
    banned for knowing how to read and for demanding the right to free
    thought. It turns out they are very nice, and they also help Paul.

    Well, everything goes up and down for a while, and then Alex and
    Katrina, Paul's friends in our world, find a way to get him home.
    All goes well except for the fact that he brings Riana with hime to
    our world, and then loses her. When he finally finds her again she
    is in a mental institution and he has to rescue her. Now he has to
    find a way to get her back home to her own world, but when he does
    things go so wrong and Ashka steps through the doorway to get
    information about our world.

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