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Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by to visit my site!
I'm a 19-year-old Danish girl who happens to love men, especially gorgeous
John Malkovich, Christian Bale and lots of others too, but at first this site is dedicated to the lovely and gorgeous John Malkovich. I will be putting up more pics and info as I gather more and more. Hope you enjoy it! Here's a little more about me, I live in Skive, Denmark and I've graduated from the Danish equivalent of High School and then I'll be going to attend
a business type college after which I'm going to go to the University to study English and Archeology. I love reading all sorts of books and manuscripts, but I especially love Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz and Anne Rice. I enjoy horror books and movies because my nerves are NOT fragile - at all.
I have only one regret in the world and that is the fact that I wasn't born in the 17th century higher society...But anyway, I manage in this age as well as I would have back then.

Additions will be coming!


John Malkovich as seen by Me
John Malkovich is one of this century's very best actors, 
he's one of the few able to make a charachter live and seem real to 
the world. He has the ability to create a certain depth in the 
relationships his charachter is a part of. When you watch a movie 
of his you're unable to doubt that this person is real and that 
these experiences that he has are real too. 
The best example is the Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons. 
When one watches this one doesn't think: "Oh, what a great actor", 
no, one thinks, "My God, what an evil man/what a romantic man, 
willing to die for his love" and that's what I love so much about him.
The fact that he's able to breathe life into films. 
His performance in "Of Mice and Men" 
ought to have won him an Oscar because he pushes back the boundries 
of understanding this amazing man, Lennie, who is as good as gold, 
but misunderstood by his surroundings because of his appearance. 
One can't help but feel all the pain around him even stronger 
because of his(Malkovich's) apparent use of "less is more" in his 
acting. This is also what makes him such a strong supporting actor 
because his "underacting" heightens the suspense in the plot. 
He is one of the most versatile actors in this world, but sadly he's 
mostly cast as dangerous men, criminals and such. Luckily for his 
fans it does happen that he's cast as a real "good guy", as he is 
cast as all time good guy Athos in The Man in The Iron Mask.
I just hope that John Malkovich will continue to bring us performances as great as he has brought us so far.
Fan-mail to:
                               John Malkovich
                               40 West 57th st.
                               New York, NY 10019, USA

A small request: Should you have something(interviews, pictures and such) with/about any of these subjects on this home-page that I don't have then I'd appreciate it if I could have it.
Thank you!
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